The Season 9 Fortnite Battle Pass

First off: My reply is based on the multiplayer aspect of this game. If you’re only in this for the single player; go ahead!

The multiplayer of this game is absolutely terrible. The loading times takes ages, probably because of peer to peer connections failing. When you eventually get in the game, you’ll meet so many hackers in these lobbies that will do everything in their power to ruin the game for you.

I started playing this when this first got out. It was really great back then, no hackers, just random players trying to kill you again and again, but that’s fair, because all you have to do is to kill them back (or go passive mode). Now however, you’ll meet so many hackers, that even in passive mode, this game is unplayable. If you do need the battle pass for free watch here:

I tried to play a few missions, where parts of them were in public lobbies, which I had to gather some stuff. Then some random player constantly spawned on me, and killed me while being using god mode.

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