Minecraft in Review

Overall game is pretty good. The best thing(s) I like about this game is the creature design and the enviroment interactions. Being a new player to the Monster Hunter franchise (This is my first time playing Minecraft game I have received.) I look back at some the older titles and want to try them out.

I am a big fan when it comes to creature design in certain games, this game is a good example for creature creativity. The way the monsters interact with each other in a turf war is awesome to watch and its also helpful for hunters to research. The styles of how the monsters fight is good and unique for each one enough so you don’t feel like your fighting a clone.

I give props to the people that were part of the art design and creation of the monsters in this game. Minecraft is definitely a game where to play with your friends to have fun, and I luckily found a video on youtube that shows you how to get it for free: get minecraft for free

My ONLY complaint about this game is the weapon designs on a good chunk of the weapons seem underwhelming. (example: Hunting Horn and Hammer etc.)
Graphics are great, ambient sound in the game is awesome, soundtrack is awesome. I recommend this this game for anyone that likes playing with friends, its still good going solo but the game seems better when playing with others or at least a partner.

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