iOS 12.1 Jailbreak

Apple launched the iPhone and iPad iOS 1:12. IPhone He was the first major update (12) iPhone OS (12) all users of iPhone and iPad iPhone OS, iPhone OS operating system, 12/1 employees new features, bug fixes and improvements to a proposal lobster for a video of the various previous version, mosquitoes, kangaroo, pretzels, lettuce, a new hairstyle more than 70 new emoticons icon FaceTime support groups, including 32 people, including a variety of people as well as the participants, and chat. Real-time control and depth iPhone XS XS Max for iPhone, dual SIM card into the device for the iPhone camera iPhone OS X 12.1 degrees, and support. Separately, iCloud iOS device backups or a backup of all system software, Apple iTunes Mojave your Mac OS 10.14.1, 12.1 and TVOSA watchos can use your iPhone or iPad before updating the simplest way for a computer 5.1.Be. issued a “reboot” Settings “and go open the app” General, “” Software Update “Download iPhone OS: application software updating easiest way for iPhone OS 12.1 through the update mechanism to download and is completed to complete the loading operation is 12.1, a normal restart device that. iPhone and iPad users, or link IPSW firmware file that you can use your device to your computer with iTunes 12.1 for iPhone OS for later use. iPhone OS update 1:12 shows how buy cabin. Now you can jailbreak the new ios here: jailbreak ios 12.1 untethered

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