NBA 2k19 free guide

So the free download and play weekend gave me an opportunity to try out this game that had me intrigued for quite a while. The graphics and combat action is top notch with so many combos and finishing moves. Unfortunately that’s the only highlight of this game. The story and lore is paper thin and convoluted and a retread. The amount of missions they give you is really easy, but with constant travel on foot (until you get a horse) is quite a grind for extremely lackluster missions and enemies, makes this game really boring and tedious. I can’t get through this game after mere few hours and not really looking forward to accepting another mundane mission where I kill numerous enemies that pose zero threat (even the bosses are REALLY easy). I guess it was meant for more PVP? But since the changes, apparently lot of older players quit since now you can became UBER if you are willing to spend cash. I will show you how can get it for free:

This is one of the best eye candy MMO I have ever played.

There are lots of things to do and the idea of trade and workers to build a trade empire is neat.

The combat system is better than the old icon on a number like most Sports NBA game.

Now the bad:

This is the ultimate Monty Hall giveaway MMO I have ever played. You are showered with gifts and cash for logging on. I was able to accumulate over 40M in silver in the time I played.

But the really cool stuff, that is cold hard cash trough micro transactions.

You can literally one shot groups of mobs until level 53 or so, solo. There is no challenge.

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