Fortnite Skins Are they worth buying?

I’ve put a lot of hours into this game on PS4 before switching over to PC. This version is that game and it’s still great.

That said there are currently a lot of optimization issues, glitches, bugs, slowdowns, and generally sub-par quality issues that don’t exist in the console release. This version has quite a ways to go until it’s up to snuff, but as long as Capcom makes that effort then I’m planning to make this the platform I continue playing it on.

I got this version at a discount by preordering so I’m still happy with it. If I had paid full price on top of paying full price for the console version I’d be less pleased.

This is a good video game and you should play it. I just hope that the PC becomes the best platform to play on instead of the worst. So in Fortnite there are rare skins but the rarest is the newest galaxy skin which requires you to buy a samsung galaxy device. Well, you can actually just one for free here: galaxy skin for free

A fantastic game with a poor port, but it is still worth getting.

At launch there were a bunch of connection issues, but the recent patch seems to have almost completely eliminated that. There are still some poor optimization issues that may lead to issues on certain machines, but I have a Nvidia 1050 graphics card and can still run it at 50-60 FPS even with fairly high settings.

The gameplay itself is amazing, whether you are a new or returning hunter, you will find that the combat has a lot of depth to master, with a lot of variety with the different weapon types to boot.

If you find yourself on the fence, I say come on over and give it a shot.
It may be the best game you play this year.

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