Rockstar’s new Blockbuster: Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar release, typically is the last thing on their mind. Resulting in releasing games that are not ready, with too many game breaking bugs, that will most likely never resolved due to no multiplayer micro transaction system.
They have microtransactions, for single player content.

I don’t like the sailing in this game, no matter what direction you go the wind is always behind you…

Merc’s stop attacking you if you accidently do one of the 4 highly probably scenarios.

The story depending on your choices is not reflective on your choices. Meaning that during one response conversation your character could be upset, then the next response the voice acting seems like this response was recorded maybe a few weeks later. Plus depending on your choices your character seems to forget that you let someone live. Here is how you get RDR2 for free:

The NPC’s and bounty hunters will also track you but will stop if you break their line of sight. Which means you can lure bosses away from others and snipe them with arrows to lower their health or kill them.

One annoying thing I’ve noticed about bounty hunters in forts, is that no matter where you move they seem to follow you around even if they haven’t spotted you. If you move to another section of the fort or camp the bounty hunter will move near you. They don’t attack but they always move close to where you move which makes it a little more challenging to kill everyone in a fort without being spotted by them.

FIFA 19 Review + Download

– The immersion is present. Thanks to all the well crafted environment and details, I must say the immersion is real. You get into the game and that universe that you forget the clock is ticking in the real world. If you like the Greek mythology and aesthetics, this game is for you.

– The map is HUGE. Yeah, HUGE. It’d take you hours and hours to explore every piece of that world.

– The storyline is engaging. It’s not the most original thing out there, but hey, you really want to go on. Sum this with an immersive, beautiful world and you have all you need to beat this game.

The neutral

– Still an RPG wannabe. Though the game brought some RPG elements to its design–lots of them were borrowed from The Witcher,–I think it’s still not mature enough. The decisions you make aren’t that important; the major part of your quests are linear in that “kill someone; bring me these items” fashion; the territory conquest is completely not immersive–regardless of the side you choose to help, the other doesn’t turn against you. In general, I’m pretty sure in the next title they’ll polish these things more, but for now if you’re looking for a true RPG experience, stay away from this title.

– Combat feels simple and easy. I’m playing on the hard difficulty and can’t feel any difficulty at all. Also, there’s a lack of variety on how you can deal with your enemies. I don’t mean diversity on how to kill them, but I feel the combat is always the same thing; the same movements, etc.

FREE Coins/Points in FUT 19

Super fun game! If you wanna chill out and freestylewith your sick players, you can in casual. If you wanna start sweating, competitive (FIFA Ultimate Team) is perfect for you. But if you don’t want to do either of those, FIFA 19 can be an awesome trading game to try and get some of the rarest things in the game. Also, the Esports is awesome and super hype. I find the community to be great aswell. I’ll give this a 9/10 b/c no matter what game you play, there can always be improvements.

As it is said, ”Easy to learn, hard to master.”, The skill ceiling is huge and it’s tremendously fun and rewarding to progress. Oh and here is where you get those FREE COINS & Points in FUT 19

It’s fun either if you’re playing competitively or just for fun with friends.

Tons of customization and even though micro transactions are included, it’s all purely cosmetic and crates can be hidden if you feel like it. You still get a LOT of free items.

There’s a few different gamemodes and maps, aswell as enough for you to choose from.

Black Ops 4 Aimbot and Walls

I love This Game The Only Thing I Dont Like Is That You Have To Buy The keys every single time to open a crate and They Need To Work On BO4 ID They put crates And The Haunted Hollows Before BO4 Id And Weve Been Waiting For It Longer Than A Stupid event Step It Up I Will Admit Its Fun And Every 1 Should get it

BO4 is a good game for those who are interested and have passion to be better. In my personal experience, BO4 is a tough game to learn and master at the beginning, but as you play more and progress through training, you’ll get better at the basics of the game. When it comes to competitive gameplay, it’s hard to combine basic knowledge & undeveloped skills into highly competitive gameplay (as you just started to know how to play) because players of high levels will try to bring you down lower in ranks which is no fun at all. So have fun and here’s my personal review down below.  Here: Bo4 wallhack

I enjoy this game most of the time because competitiveness doesn’t affect me as hard as it does to other players who are really serious. I do recommend this game to those who are willing to put time and passion into getting better at the game than to ‘git gud’ at it. Focus your time on being better than trying ‘git gud’ out of frustration. I’d rate this game a 7/10

Black Ops 4 MP Review

Without a Doubt the worse call of duty game of the series. Its far over priced and even after the base game there whats basically pay to win with powerful DLC only units. The game is also totally unbalanced with things like the ak47 guns able to ambush any army when THEY attack and horrid unit balance.

The combat is also boring and slow. with units somehow fighting to nearly the last man, with no apparently will to survive like absolute idiots. BO4 completely removes any tactical necessity as you just mosh pit your units together with the strongest winning. This game i wouldn’t even consider a call of duty honestly. Luckily you can get it for free download:

It took me a while to get into the game, and the pacing regarding leveling is a little off at times (if you wander into an area where an enemy is one level higher than you it can be ridiculously tough) but after battling with it for a while it got its teeth into me. I do 100% Recommend buying this, its one of those games you look at the clock and wonder how 6 hours have passed.

Now is Blackout fun? Yes it is cods version of the battle royale, and honestly it’s super fun to play! Really enjoying myself with aspects of old maps like nuketown and firing range placed on the game map!

Fortnite vs Blackout (blacks ops 4)

Health in blackout compared to the time it takes to use bandages in fortnite and black it could all end up as a flat ground shotgun battle mono e mono you also aren’t going to lose just because you wiped all your mats fighting a full squad on your own 30 seconds before or both games require that you also have to learn to make the most of Rifts Apple guns and other items that add wacky elements to the game on a rolling basis incorporate some interesting new items but given its aim to be more grounded in reality it’s hard to imagine you’ll suddenly be able to bounce pad your way out of a bind and if you want a new console from the leaderboard about that into your mailbox head on over to leaderboard NYC / giveaway in enter using any social accounts we’re also giving away console so don’t forget to sign up the value with Call of Duty you can expect that the overall Baseline level of player skill is going to be much higher over the Long Haul as a free-to-play game for tonight will continue to entice players who found a free game or transactions designed to drain your bank account on the other hand is likely to resonate with players looking for a high-caliber experience unlike fortnite Battle Royale that itching Free By Design the game mode provides a strong berries entry to help pass the news were just into a game because they want understand the memes added bonus even random bills and blackout generally gets play with people who know what they’re doing and the verdict is whether you grown weary of Epic strategy to get you to spend stupid amounts of money on skins or you just can’t admit that you never mastered how to properly build a fort blackout pars down the access to create a game that feels like a franchise you know and love while I’ll always have a place in my heart for fortnite Battle Royale Call of Duty Black Ops 4 blackout presents itself as the epitome of what a battle royale game should be for those was not interested in gaining battle pass points by grinding for putt-putt shots and dances in front of the birthday cake Call of Duty Black Ops 4 blackout takes away all the distractions to create a serious shooter experience today our number one spot in this battle well blowout goes to black out grounded in realism and supported by a fast-paced gameplay experience blackout has outgunned and I play fortnite for the win and the free skins (Free fortnite skins ps4, xbox, pc, mobile)

as punishment were sending fortnite back to a no skin status World permit would be stuck doing the default dance but what about pubg you’re probably asking will you be able to weather the storm as well so what do you think who’s the true winner of this matchup for you be sure to let us know in the comments below I’ve been Alpha Lance and thanks for watching subscribe to the leaderboard for more videos by your favorite games

Fortnite Season 6 BPASS – Is it worth the 950 vbucks?

Is dedication man inside when you come inside to still the same old boring house same s*** different day.. Same s*** different holiday okay I’m going to shut the hell up here we have another spider web with yet again another spider on the window this is super super cool to me like this it is this to be is just super awesome like a really really is like I think this is so unique and so cute I know yes I cute it’s it’s freaking amazing okay I like that a lot so this is another decoration and keep this in mind it’s not even October yet right now it’s the 30th okay Halloween month is literally a couple of hours of a few hours away it is almost almost I feel like I can we might get the same a weapon if you guys remember last year they had like a pumpkin from the RPG which is really really cool I just think the four that has much more to give now they have more power they they they probably have more funds to put out a sheet into the game make the game a little bit more exciting which leads me to my next hypothesis and I don’t mean to sound like the nerd but I feel like this year we’re going to get snow don’t call me on that cuz I really don’t want to feel stupid I don’t see you guys here in January. Now with season 6 here, are you going to buy it? I got it here for free: How to get free season 6 battle pass

December and say bro where the f*** is the snow idiot you know I don’t want to see that okay so I’m just speculating that’s why I said this is a hypothesis and probably probably three turkeys were greeted and then Shields you never know what the possibilities with 4 nights money in the bank or absolutely endless now so the next location that I have seen his power is only the beginning and tilted Towers feel like eventually the my view you probably even see like spider webs from building to building you probably pretend Spider-Man took a s*** all over tilted and probably some sometime in October or something all over the street lights in tilted not all of them but a huge portion of them as you can see you can literally just keep on walking here on the streets of tilted towers and you’ll see them like all over the place and I’m going to drive this golf cart because why the hell would I worry when I could just drive a car right I mean. That’s that’s retarded as you can see they’re all over here this is only beginning decorations this is Phase 1 out of probably have full of faces I feel like it’s going to be crazy going back to December holiday seasons

You can get AC: Odyssey for free! + Review

A truly beautiful game with good mechanics that falls flat due to bad game design. Collectibles are tedious to gather; the plot is sub-par with little character development. Each element feels good, but continually falls short by modern gaming standards. Clearly a lot of time and effort was put into this title, and as a Assassins Creed fan I have to say this is one of the better titles. But I don’t recommend it. It doesn’t deserve a “Mostly Positive” rating. It should absolutely be “Mixed”. Also, here is how you download it for free: AC Odyssey free download

They spent so much effort making the game amazing that they somehow forgot what makes a video game a video game. Fun. Not exploration on its own. Not fancy gadgets that let you climb upside down this time. Not level design that makes you revisit every location for one or two collectibles. Not dozens of semi-useful outfits where the most useful is the stupidest looking and the least useful is the best looking. Not even amazing sequences followed by Jonah appearing out of nowhere to guide you to the next amazing sequence. They missed fun. Old fashioned challenge -> reward fun. Good pacing and great rewards for actual effort fun.

Tedious yet terrific. 6/10.

FIFA 19 The Best Soccer Game so far?

FIFA 19, really I do, but the fact that for the last year I have been playing this game with the same name the entire time and then today my name get’s censored. I don’t get it. My name has Schitt in it, so the fact that they changed my name to all *’s based on their opinion of offending someone is rediculous.

Have played this game for countell hours ‘s on this and on PS4, and I am really ready to hang it up after this.

EA have recently implemented a system which bans you for increasing amounts of time if you leave a game early. This becomes frustating as you will constantly be put into games with unplayable amounts of lag.

This wasn’t an issue before as you could just back out, finding nother match. Until this new system is revised or removed I cannot recommend this game to anyone.

Should you play fifa 19? For sure. It’s one of my favorite soccer games of the year! You can actually get it for free here too:

Fortnite Season 6 Review

Drawing inspiration from the 1999 Japanese novel Battle Royale and The Hunger Games, players should scavenge supplies, develop structures and discover weapons to get rid of every other till only 1 individual is left. The Battle Bus’ horn will honk as quickly as you are in a position to drop from it onto the map beneath, but resist the urge to join the crowd of players who leap from it asap.

Today marks the new Season 6 Battle Pass, and well you can actually get it for free here:

This is strictly a cosmetic item for distinguishing your faceless Battle Royale cannon fodder from the other 99 meat bags obtaining prepared to die in the subsequent match. You do want to die whilst searching amazing, although, correct? Steer clear of jumping out of the Battle Bus at the exact same time as everybody else, or make certain you are going in an original path. Most players head for the large cities or locations on your map. Run away from the cities.

Oh yeah, traps. You can fill your fort with all sorts of deadly devices, from easy wooden spikes to tesla coils and dart launchers. Because the guidelines for this 1 are various from the Battle Royale mode that we’ve been so familiar with, we’ll talk about how precisely this mode functions so you can have an simpler time playing it.

We’ll update the list when much more are added, so if your telephone is not on the list be certain to bookmark this web page and verify back at a later date. Heavy Shotgun (Epic, Purple): 74 harm, 185 max headshot harm. Heavy Shotgun (Legendary, Gold): 77 harm, 192.5 max headshot harm. Land Your Shots (Kid) on the DOT!

√ 100% Satisfaction Assured Prior to opening it for use, we produced certain that Fortnite v-bucks hack tool is 100% operating. √ Compatibility This tool is specially developed to function on all sorts of platforms such as Windows, Mac, IOS and Android.

From Olympic skiers, to superheroes, to terrifying gingerbread individuals, Fortnite‘s skins are a colorful and eye-catching array of crackpot suggestions. 1 Victory Royale spot by outlasting all of the other 99 opponents. Arm your self with our Fortnite suggestions although, and you will have the very best opportunity of becoming the final 1 standing on the Fortnite map as soon as the dust settles.

If you have been which means to uncover what the fuss is about, we’ve place with each other a beginner’s guide. When we say that this is a beginner’s guide to Fortnite, we’re speaking about reputable newbies. Do not neglect about the original mode of cutting with other players. You are thrown not by an island in the business of 90 players and there ought to be only 1 winner.

Beneath are the actions to adhere to if you want to download and attempt the new Fortnite Mobile game on your compatible iOS device (iPhone 6S/SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro devices or later).

The layers and layers of menus ought to make sense now, and you certainly know your loot chest from your llama. Great luck in your fight against the undead husks! That is simply because on Computer, Fortnite is only accessible by way of Epic’s devoted launcher, which does not offer the type of player information that you’d get on Steam.

Anybody who has a Galaxy S7 or later, the Galaxy Note 8, or Galaxy Tab S3 or S4 will discover a Fortnite icon in Samsung’s Game Launcher app. Just tap it to begin downloading the game.

This indicates only devoted Fortnite players prepared to sink hours upon hours into the game can grab him to show off on the battlefield. The game is set on contemporary-day Earth, but most of humanity has disappeared. 1 of the game’s core mechanics is collecting supplies to develop protective fortifications.

Initially, the player starts the game with only a parachute and a pickaxe as the weapons to shield himself. Following playing for some time, 1 can level up by finishing the missions in to get much more abilities and rewards.

You can switch them in and out from right here prior to each match, but you will not be in a position to alter any of it in match, so make certain you are pleased with your appear and your equipped products prior to you drop.

This post might include hyperlinks to on-line retail shops. If you click on 1 and purchase the item we might obtain a little commission. For much more info, go right here. Retail Row – there are loads of buildings to loot right here, but prioritise obtaining a decent shotgun lickety-split – it will come in handy in this close-quarters zone.

Yes. As lengthy as you have linked your Xbox 1 account to your Epic Games account, all bought content material is present and all progress is recorded across Xbox, Computer, Mac, iOS, and Android. Throughout every mission, players will have to repel the enemy, zombie-like creatures known as Husks. These enemies come in a selection of types and turn out to be increasingly tougher as the game progresses.

Come the subsequent morning, Day 1 of Season 4, he had a strategy to place in the hours to get to Tier one hundred. It would take severe commitment. It is a neat structure that keeps you continuously operating toward the subsequent large milestone.

Just note that whilst the PS4 lets you squad up with individuals on Computer, Mac, or mobile, it does not assistance cross play with the Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

If you time it correct, you can use the impulse grenade on your self to catapult your self into enemy bases when they least anticipate it, but it is tough to pull off correctly. The mobile version of Fortnite is the complete game you know and adore from PCs and consoles, with the exact same weapons, the exact same map and an identical update schedule.

There is no use in studying to develop if you do not have sources to develop with. Unless you suspect a player is nearby, maintain your pickaxe in hand. Identified – Login is presently blocked across all Epic endpoints, such as games, web sites, and the Epic Games Launcher. This is due to a database failure which we are operating to resolve as rapidly as feasible.