Spotify free review

This app is too difficult as well as it being very laggy. Spotify also requires a lot of data which can be very difficult to handle depending on your device. It is also way too expensive if you are getting the standard edition or more. The starter is not a bad price but it is not really fair if you think about it. It takes twice the time to recieve operators than it does in the standard edition. However, you can just watch this video for free premium: Spotify Free 🤑 Free Spotify Premium – How to get Spotify Premium for FREE iOS & Android [WORKING!]

You can also have other people to talk to with voice chat which is really good when making new friends. But, some people can be very rude such as cursing at one another, cyber bullying, and stereotype. Once I started playing a casual match and I started speaking and someone started complaining that I was a girl. I don’t see what the problem is with girls playing violent games such as this one. This game also has things that may or may not make people feel uncomfortable such as blood, guns, explosions, terrorists, and more. Some people can also think of this game as in real life such as if you played this game and killed an opponent, that can mean that that person can start bullying or using violent weapons which can really do some damage. You should not play this game if you don’t want to see issues like so.

Fortnite PS4 & Xbox Connection Guide (Cross Play)

Fortnite is probably one of my top fav games. However, they’re seriously special when they attempted to impliment VR. They could be one of the pioneers if they would make it fully emersive and not this split screen crap. I couldn’t read the menus, everything was laggy and choppy, I had to start the game in low memory mode just to get it going. The moment I disabled VR and re-enabled… the game crashed. Fix all that and I’d play this more now that i’m going into heavy VR stuffs. They could own this market if they could get this working right.

I like the game, like the mechanics and the ability to build. Even solo, there is lots to do and updates keep things fun. This is the only game you will ever need to play. I had friends. I turned them into colonists and took their lungs. I haven’t eatan since buying this game. I recommend it and also do not. If you play this game, you soul will leave you, and your family will abandon you. Now if you need to play with your friends on other platforms watch this youtube clip:

Graphics are crazy good
Can interact with lots of the world
Abiltiy to level up to get better at the game
Requires one to think before acting
Lots of ability to craft to make things easier
Can do multiplayer easily and it’s fun

Graphics settings take a lot of graphics power
Some of the building in the game isn’t very intuitive
Might spawn in an area with agressive and/or high level monsters
(makes it difficult to level up or get resources)
No realy story line to it.


How to cross platform on fortnite and play with your friends

So, I am going to preface this by saying I love Fortnite as a series, and even so far this is easily my favorite out of the group that I have played (MHFU, MH4U, MHG). However, in its current state I cannot reccomend it to anyone who is not already an existing fan of the series, and even at that, find it hard to reccomend due to the myriad of issues that this PC port has.


Firstly, the performance is terrible. I have a AMD R9 Fury, playing on 1440p at the lowest settings I am only able to average about 40fps, for you to play 1080p high at 60fps as benchmarks have shown, a 1080ti is needed. So, while it is great that the framerate does have an option to be uncapped, you certainly are not going to be able to hit it unless they release some game changing patch.


Various settings seem to change nothing at all visually, but have drastic performance improvements, and higher quality textures appear to be bugged and not actually appearing. You cannot turn off Motion blur, bloom isn’t an option, mouse movements are being mapped as an analogue stick. Both ultrawide and FOV adjustments are missing. With being said you should watch the tutorial here: how to crossplay fortnite


Multiplayer is akward to say the least, I am going to give Capcom the benefit of the doubt and assume that the connection issues are mostly due to a large launch population. But the lobby system, unable to play quests with cutscenes with other players until after all cutscenes have been watched, makes it all very strange.


If the performance, connectivity, and customization get fixed and worthy of the “delaying launch to make it just right”, I can absolutely recommend this game to all. Until that point, I can really only say its for existing MH fans who wanted a non-portable gameplay, who do not have current-gen consoles.

How to get your own BO4 Beta Key Code for FREE!

Firstly, here is my black ops 4 beta review:

Quests are buggy as hell (I had to edit the save multiple times in order to progress the storyline). In space there is not much to do other than clicking buttons on a map and fighting noncompetitive AIs that don’t stand a chance against human players. On foot there is not much to interact with other than looking around and avoiding machines that are simply annoying rather than threatening. Most of the combat and farming are extremely repetitive and simple, and sightseeing also becomes boring after 7 planets or so where everything just seem repeated but with different sizes. Multiplayer is terribly implemented with tons of bugs, for example freighters firing on friends and ships changing ownerships.

BO4 has too much unnecessary BS and too many bugs for a casual game, and absolutely does not qualify for a hardcore sci-fi game with the mechanics in place. I deleted this game after making 200 mil from repetitive farming, and trying to fly into a star only to find out that the star is but a background picture that can never be reached.  If you are actually interested in playing the beta too, just watch this youtube video: black ops 4 beta

The base building mechanics and the procedurally generated sights are interesting, but do not warrant the price of this game, which in its marketing seems to be a competent space game rather than a walking simulator.

A game where you play for hours and feel like you’ve accomplished nothing! Not even all these updates after two years can fix a game whose foundation was flawed and tedious. After visiting your third star system you see that the game is woefully repetative, a slog to play and leaves you with no desire to continue the grind of shooting rocks (farming) or finding more blueprints. Ugh, just thinking of doing more of it makes me apprehensive. Say NO already to this product and forget it ever existed because nothing will fix it!

Dead by Daylight is coming to the PS Store!

What to say about Dead by Daylight
On one hand its an exelent horror game. Nothing beats the feeling of relief when you succecfully juke the killer, and it’s fun to find a survivour who didnt expect you. Its very fun to play with friends and escape and its very satysfing to get a mercilles killer victory.
On the other hand you are going to encounter some salty players, rarely but sometimes. There will be moments when you are furtrated because a killer spent 5 minutes staring you in the face while you’re on a hook, and be mad because survivours are gen rushing.
But after all, this game is very good. I’ve had a lot of fun while playing it and i’m sure you’re gonna enjoy it. Now you will need a ps plus membership to play it, however you can get it free here: How to get FREE PS PLUS 🤑FREE PLAYSTATION PLUS!

There has been recent nerfs to survivors that hit mediocre and bad survivors(I’m one to be honest) hard. However I still pip almost every match and escape pretty often. Sometimes the killer won’t even see me the whole entire match. I won’t lie, this game can be frustrating on both sides. There will be campers and toxic jerks who tbag after pallet drop. There will be matches where you killed no one and there will be matches where all you did was hang on a hook for 3 minutes(Or get farmed). There are still improvements to be done and the community won’t all agree on what those improvements should be. Despite that I think this a great game where you can outplay the opponent or make a big play that just sends a rush of adrenaline through you. I’ll see you in the Fog(Where I’ll  about you not doing gens).

Incredibly fun to play either solo or with mates….. preferably, as with any game, you would want to play with mates. However if you dont have many mates on PC then this game is fun to play on your own.

Only issue is the toxicity. A lot of people cant take a loss or a death so they will shift blame or blame lag… This aspect isnt very fun but when you join a game with nice teammates who can work well and a killer that doesnt ruin the game by camping the people he hooks, then this game is highly addictive and very fun to play.

Playstation 3 Fortnite Guide

Although i only have 12.5 hours put into Fortnite this it is still one of the best i have played in a while. hello games made an amazing reconstruction and i think you should give the game a second chance. even if you didnt enjoy it second time atleast you tried it. there are some glitches in the game but they are removing the glitches one by one so just be patient with them. Here is the guide on how to play fortnite on your old playstation 3 console: fortnite playstation 3 download

I was really enjoying the latest update (NMS: Next), but then a bug came along and ruined it. Apparently there’s a problem connecting to the discovery servers, so you can spend hours personalizing a system, naming all your discoveries, only to have it all overwritten by someone else.

That’s what happened to me. 40 hours in, days after painstakingly discovering and naming all the planets and critters in the system I spawned in (and uploading them, so I thought), I teleport back to my base only to discover nothing is mine anymore. Even with network play off your stuff isn’t safe. Who ever manages to actually connect to the servers first gets the discovery, and all your hard work is undone.

Sure, there are other ways to play the game, but I was having a ton of fun just exploring and naming things, so this bug really killed it for me. Very disheartening.

My friend who had purchased the game during the summer sale had told me that it was pretty fun but missing multiplayer which was dissapointing. After Next, he convinced me to buy it I don’t regret it! This game is really fun in the way how you have to fend for yourself to gather supplies and travel the stars. It’s a grindy game, but the grind is the fun part

Dragon Ball Legends Review

Hmmm where to begin?
Firstly, this is just my opinion, not fact, not ghospel…just a guy with about 8-10 hours clocked ingame.
Secondly, yes… I recomend this game but with a few criticisms.

If I had to sum this game up with a single word it would be: “Potential”.
This game in it’s current state has a ton of potential – maybe more-so than playablility at this point and has been a slightly disapointing experience. However this is week 1 of an early access game.
The hype behind DB legends was largly in part due to trailer footage and the hype from those whov’e seen it / word of mouth…not so much promises made to us by developers etc, so theres no pitchfork beside my computer desk on this one.

The game looks nice, with a bright, vibrant world and amazing design characteristics, enticing players to explore.
Creatures are unique and player models looks pretty cool also.
This game has a very World of Warfract vibe to it…I’ve head people describe DB as “Ark meets WoW” and they arent far off. Oh and watch this youtube clip for free crono crystals: dragon ball legends free chrono crystals

As far as graphics go, DB legends still needs a bunch of optimisation…with terrain suffering from render popping and other minor issues.
The Ui is without a doubt hideous…perhaps one of the worst Iv’e seen in an Early access survival genre, with much of your characters progress and development not clearly indicated.

The game is VERY grindy, maybe even too much so (imo) however as stated at the start of this review, it has potential.
This is a 20/20/20 co-op experince but many suffer from interteam squabbling and griefing.

Anywho, I’ll continue playing for now – despite having gone past the 2 hour mark for refund eligibility, I would still not refund this game as it is clear how much hard work and passion has gone into Dragon Ball Legends to this point and I belive the dev team will only improve upon it in the near future.

My Jurassic World the Game Review so Far

I’m about 16 hours into the game since EA release, and it is easily the best executed survival game on the market to date. The EA tag is warranted, and there are bugs, sometimes mildly annoying, but you are playing a true EA game. The implementation of the UI, progression features and overall quality of the game is exceptionally good, and even though it is clear there are many elements to improve, it is also clear that the design is top quality and any improvements will only make the game even better. Here is how you can actually get some free resources: Jurassic World The Game Hack & Cheats – Free DNA, Food, Coins, and Cash Android & IOS 2018

This is a PvP survival game where 3 factions vie for power and control. Your mission is to progress your faction through a season, while stopping the other factions from succeeding. It is a highly compelling game model and the game world is beautiful and interesting. I can see this game becoming something truly outstanding in the genre.

There are some tweaks needed to progression speed on the official servers, but I am sure that is coming.

Overall, if you like survival, full loot PvP games in amazing worlds with awesome crafting and deep skill trees, this is the game for you.

Highly recommended.