Minecraft in Review

Overall game is pretty good. The best thing(s) I like about this game is the creature design and the enviroment interactions. Being a new player to the Monster Hunter franchise (This is my first time playing Minecraft game I have received.) I look back at some the older titles and want to try them out.

I am a big fan when it comes to creature design in certain games, this game is a good example for creature creativity. The way the monsters interact with each other in a turf war is awesome to watch and its also helpful for hunters to research. The styles of how the monsters fight is good and unique for each one enough so you don’t feel like your fighting a clone.

I give props to the people that were part of the art design and creation of the monsters in this game. Minecraft is definitely a game where to play with your friends to have fun, and I luckily found a video on youtube that shows you how to get it for free: get minecraft for free

My ONLY complaint about this game is the weapon designs on a good chunk of the weapons seem underwhelming. (example: Hunting Horn and Hammer etc.)
Graphics are great, ambient sound in the game is awesome, soundtrack is awesome. I recommend this this game for anyone that likes playing with friends, its still good going solo but the game seems better when playing with others or at least a partner.

SimCity BuildIt – Is it worth playing in 2018?

– Graphically, it is the most stunning Assassins Creed game to date.
– Gameplay is addictive for approximately 30 hours.
– Everything Greek Mythology from epic legendary heroes and their weapons to Gods to battles to ships to poets to beasts and monsters are within the game (Think 300, Achilles, Odyssey, Cyclops, Theseus, Socrates, etc.).
– Extreme detail in all aspects of the game from visual to combat to communications.

-It is pay to win, so you need to use cheats to actually have fun. I found them online here: simcity buildit cheats

– For all it’s marketing, there isn’t any long term outcome to any decisions made whether stealing or interactive decisions.
– NPC’s (Think Fable) DO NOT react to character progression and always react the same to you regardless of your level or decisions.
– Bug when you tell Phoibe whether you’ll come back to Kephalonia or not… she later appears in Athens saying you said you weren’t coming back even though you choose the decision that told her you were.
– Cult side story seems completely out of nowhere and tiresome, I would rather they fleshed out more of the Athens verse Spartans and mercenary parts.
– Synchronization points start to become dull buildings etc. after awhile when first they were epic statues of Gods
– Gameplay gets repetitive (Think combat, missions, general things to do, etc.) after approximately 30 hours or after level 20
– Random “fetch me this” side quests that bare no reason
– Annoying weekly emails from Ubisoft to buy a statue or merchandise or content including ingame microtransactions to assist you
– After a certain point your character can leap off any depth and take no fall damage, can purchase a unicorn skin for your horse, and general unrealistic things that take away from building “Your legend.”
In conclusion, this is THE most visually stunning game I have ever played, however, you never truly feel addicted or immersed into this world. There are subtle things that detract you from fully enjoying this game such as non reaction from NPC’s (Should have some different reaction towards your decisions and progression), random cult quest that has nothing to do with Greek mythology, general feeling of a mercenary outcast that is constantly being attacked by both Spartans and Athenians, Unicorn horse skin and zero fall damage taking away from realism, no long term reward for choosing benevolent decisions/not stealing vice versa, constant emails offers to purchase merchandise by Ubisoft and more.