Rockstar’s new Blockbuster: Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar release, typically is the last thing on their mind. Resulting in releasing games that are not ready, with too many game breaking bugs, that will most likely never resolved due to no multiplayer micro transaction system.
They have microtransactions, for single player content.

I don’t like the sailing in this game, no matter what direction you go the wind is always behind you…

Merc’s stop attacking you if you accidently do one of the 4 highly probably scenarios.

The story depending on your choices is not reflective on your choices. Meaning that during one response conversation your character could be upset, then the next response the voice acting seems like this response was recorded maybe a few weeks later. Plus depending on your choices your character seems to forget that you let someone live. Here is how you get RDR2 for free:

The NPC’s and bounty hunters will also track you but will stop if you break their line of sight. Which means you can lure bosses away from others and snipe them with arrows to lower their health or kill them.

One annoying thing I’ve noticed about bounty hunters in forts, is that no matter where you move they seem to follow you around even if they haven’t spotted you. If you move to another section of the fort or camp the bounty hunter will move near you. They don’t attack but they always move close to where you move which makes it a little more challenging to kill everyone in a fort without being spotted by them.

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