FIFA 19 Review + Download

– The immersion is present. Thanks to all the well crafted environment and details, I must say the immersion is real. You get into the game and that universe that you forget the clock is ticking in the real world. If you like the Greek mythology and aesthetics, this game is for you.

– The map is HUGE. Yeah, HUGE. It’d take you hours and hours to explore every piece of that world.

– The storyline is engaging. It’s not the most original thing out there, but hey, you really want to go on. Sum this with an immersive, beautiful world and you have all you need to beat this game.

The neutral

– Still an RPG wannabe. Though the game brought some RPG elements to its design–lots of them were borrowed from The Witcher,–I think it’s still not mature enough. The decisions you make aren’t that important; the major part of your quests are linear in that “kill someone; bring me these items” fashion; the territory conquest is completely not immersive–regardless of the side you choose to help, the other doesn’t turn against you. In general, I’m pretty sure in the next title they’ll polish these things more, but for now if you’re looking for a true RPG experience, stay away from this title.

– Combat feels simple and easy. I’m playing on the hard difficulty and can’t feel any difficulty at all. Also, there’s a lack of variety on how you can deal with your enemies. I don’t mean diversity on how to kill them, but I feel the combat is always the same thing; the same movements, etc.

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