Black Ops 4 Aimbot and Walls

I love This Game The Only Thing I Dont Like Is That You Have To Buy The keys every single time to open a crate and They Need To Work On BO4 ID They put crates And The Haunted Hollows Before BO4 Id And Weve Been Waiting For It Longer Than A Stupid event Step It Up I Will Admit Its Fun And Every 1 Should get it

BO4 is a good game for those who are interested and have passion to be better. In my personal experience, BO4 is a tough game to learn and master at the beginning, but as you play more and progress through training, you’ll get better at the basics of the game. When it comes to competitive gameplay, it’s hard to combine basic knowledge & undeveloped skills into highly competitive gameplay (as you just started to know how to play) because players of high levels will try to bring you down lower in ranks which is no fun at all. So have fun and here’s my personal review down below.  Here: Bo4 wallhack

I enjoy this game most of the time because competitiveness doesn’t affect me as hard as it does to other players who are really serious. I do recommend this game to those who are willing to put time and passion into getting better at the game than to ‘git gud’ at it. Focus your time on being better than trying ‘git gud’ out of frustration. I’d rate this game a 7/10

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