Black Ops 4 MP Review

Without a Doubt the worse call of duty game of the series. Its far over priced and even after the base game there whats basically pay to win with powerful DLC only units. The game is also totally unbalanced with things like the ak47 guns able to ambush any army when THEY attack and horrid unit balance.

The combat is also boring and slow. with units somehow fighting to nearly the last man, with no apparently will to survive like absolute idiots. BO4 completely removes any tactical necessity as you just mosh pit your units together with the strongest winning. This game i wouldn’t even consider a call of duty honestly. Luckily you can get it for free download:

It took me a while to get into the game, and the pacing regarding leveling is a little off at times (if you wander into an area where an enemy is one level higher than you it can be ridiculously tough) but after battling with it for a while it got its teeth into me. I do 100% Recommend buying this, its one of those games you look at the clock and wonder how 6 hours have passed.

Now is Blackout fun? Yes it is cods version of the battle royale, and honestly it’s super fun to play! Really enjoying myself with aspects of old maps like nuketown and firing range placed on the game map!

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