Fortnite vs Blackout (blacks ops 4)

Health in blackout compared to the time it takes to use bandages in fortnite and black it could all end up as a flat ground shotgun battle mono e mono you also aren’t going to lose just because you wiped all your mats fighting a full squad on your own 30 seconds before or both games require that you also have to learn to make the most of Rifts Apple guns and other items that add wacky elements to the game on a rolling basis incorporate some interesting new items but given its aim to be more grounded in reality it’s hard to imagine you’ll suddenly be able to bounce pad your way out of a bind and if you want a new console from the leaderboard about that into your mailbox head on over to leaderboard NYC / giveaway in enter using any social accounts we’re also giving away console so don’t forget to sign up the value with Call of Duty you can expect that the overall Baseline level of player skill is going to be much higher over the Long Haul as a free-to-play game for tonight will continue to entice players who found a free game or transactions designed to drain your bank account on the other hand is likely to resonate with players looking for a high-caliber experience unlike fortnite Battle Royale that itching Free By Design the game mode provides a strong berries entry to help pass the news were just into a game because they want understand the memes added bonus even random bills and blackout generally gets play with people who know what they’re doing and the verdict is whether you grown weary of Epic strategy to get you to spend stupid amounts of money on skins or you just can’t admit that you never mastered how to properly build a fort blackout pars down the access to create a game that feels like a franchise you know and love while I’ll always have a place in my heart for fortnite Battle Royale Call of Duty Black Ops 4 blackout presents itself as the epitome of what a battle royale game should be for those was not interested in gaining battle pass points by grinding for putt-putt shots and dances in front of the birthday cake Call of Duty Black Ops 4 blackout takes away all the distractions to create a serious shooter experience today our number one spot in this battle well blowout goes to black out grounded in realism and supported by a fast-paced gameplay experience blackout has outgunned and I play fortnite for the win and the free skins (Free fortnite skins ps4, xbox, pc, mobile)

as punishment were sending fortnite back to a no skin status World permit would be stuck doing the default dance but what about pubg you’re probably asking will you be able to weather the storm as well so what do you think who’s the true winner of this matchup for you be sure to let us know in the comments below I’ve been Alpha Lance and thanks for watching subscribe to the leaderboard for more videos by your favorite games

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