Fortnite Season 6 BPASS – Is it worth the 950 vbucks?

Is dedication man inside when you come inside to still the same old boring house same s*** different day.. Same s*** different holiday okay I’m going to shut the hell up here we have another spider web with yet again another spider on the window this is super super cool to me like this it is this to be is just super awesome like a really really is like I think this is so unique and so cute I know yes I cute it’s it’s freaking amazing okay I like that a lot so this is another decoration and keep this in mind it’s not even October yet right now it’s the 30th okay Halloween month is literally a couple of hours of a few hours away it is almost almost I feel like I can we might get the same a weapon if you guys remember last year they had like a pumpkin from the RPG which is really really cool I just think the four that has much more to give now they have more power they they they probably have more funds to put out a sheet into the game make the game a little bit more exciting which leads me to my next hypothesis and I don’t mean to sound like the nerd but I feel like this year we’re going to get snow don’t call me on that cuz I really don’t want to feel stupid I don’t see you guys here in January. Now with season 6 here, are you going to buy it? I got it here for free: How to get free season 6 battle pass

December and say bro where the f*** is the snow idiot you know I don’t want to see that okay so I’m just speculating that’s why I said this is a hypothesis and probably probably three turkeys were greeted and then Shields you never know what the possibilities with 4 nights money in the bank or absolutely endless now so the next location that I have seen his power is only the beginning and tilted Towers feel like eventually the my view you probably even see like spider webs from building to building you probably pretend Spider-Man took a s*** all over tilted and probably some sometime in October or something all over the street lights in tilted not all of them but a huge portion of them as you can see you can literally just keep on walking here on the streets of tilted towers and you’ll see them like all over the place and I’m going to drive this golf cart because why the hell would I worry when I could just drive a car right I mean. That’s that’s retarded as you can see they’re all over here this is only beginning decorations this is Phase 1 out of probably have full of faces I feel like it’s going to be crazy going back to December holiday seasons

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