You can get AC: Odyssey for free! + Review

A truly beautiful game with good mechanics that falls flat due to bad game design. Collectibles are tedious to gather; the plot is sub-par with little character development. Each element feels good, but continually falls short by modern gaming standards. Clearly a lot of time and effort was put into this title, and as a Assassins Creed fan I have to say this is one of the better titles. But I don’t recommend it. It doesn’t deserve a “Mostly Positive” rating. It should absolutely be “Mixed”. Also, here is how you download it for free: AC Odyssey free download

They spent so much effort making the game amazing that they somehow forgot what makes a video game a video game. Fun. Not exploration on its own. Not fancy gadgets that let you climb upside down this time. Not level design that makes you revisit every location for one or two collectibles. Not dozens of semi-useful outfits where the most useful is the stupidest looking and the least useful is the best looking. Not even amazing sequences followed by Jonah appearing out of nowhere to guide you to the next amazing sequence. They missed fun. Old fashioned challenge -> reward fun. Good pacing and great rewards for actual effort fun.

Tedious yet terrific. 6/10.

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