FIFA 19 The Best Soccer Game so far?

FIFA 19, really I do, but the fact that for the last year I have been playing this game with the same name the entire time and then today my name get’s censored. I don’t get it. My name has Schitt in it, so the fact that they changed my name to all *’s based on their opinion of offending someone is rediculous.

Have played this game for countell hours ‘s on this and on PS4, and I am really ready to hang it up after this.

EA have recently implemented a system which bans you for increasing amounts of time if you leave a game early. This becomes frustating as you will constantly be put into games with unplayable amounts of lag.

This wasn’t an issue before as you could just back out, finding nother match. Until this new system is revised or removed I cannot recommend this game to anyone.

Should you play fifa 19? For sure. It’s one of my favorite soccer games of the year! You can actually get it for free here too:

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