How to get FIFA 19 for FREE on your mobile device!

Do you want a decent soccer game that you can play by yourself? If yes, then this game is pretty damn good. Made some improvements over FIFA 18 that I thought were needed. Game is overall more difficult, but more satisfying when you do just about anything in my career. This is the mode I stick with since anything ‘competitive’ is really more just like a black hole for your wallet.

If you want to play this online/multiplayer, don’t even bother. JUST DON’T. Unless you got like $300 burning a hole in your pocket, you’re going to be grinding my career for a while before you can even come close to competing in MYFIFA. People throw a ridiculous amount of cash at this game so they can stomp people who don’t spend money in MyFIFA. Now you may be wondering, how I got it for free on my mobile device. Well you should just watch this video and it will explain it:

His channel:

MyGM is improved quite a bit, as well. No more stupid glitches after trading someone and them still appearing in future trades as still under contract for your team. It is also just generally faster loading trades, hoping into games, etc.

Buying packs is still the best way to get yourself the best players from like Brazil and France….. Some players with a 94 rating haha! But not my cup of tea to spend hundreds on the game.

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