Fortnite PS3 Review

If you like Day Z, you will like Fortnite. However what they advertise for a better survival game i dont really think so. Now its alpha so the possiblity is their!

Currenlty its spawn, go to nearest hot spot for loot, go find people and kill them! Die rinse and repeat! Bleh boring after awhile!

I was hoping with the mechs of the characters we actually had some development towards a late game survival genre! Where’s the base building, fortifaction able to farm cultivate build a town of survivors or atleast a few friends! I hope something in the thought for long term! Till now I will play a bit and take a long break and have high hopes! Try and see if you can play fortnite on your ps3 console, i use this video: Fortnite On PS3 2018 🤑 How to get and download Fortnite on your OLD PS3 Console!

Honestly, I’ve been playing this game off and on from the very beginning and over time I have not seen much improvement. There are still tons of game breaking bugs, cheap and effective tactics, and limiting game play.

Tons of Characters
Creative Build Paths
Play with Friends (This has not always been a feature)
Movie Based DLCs
Interesting Mechanics

Many survivors share similar styled perks (I.E. agility based perks, leadership perks, etc.)
Killers can get screwed by simple RNG (Map selection)
Most of the DLC characters (Especially the ones you have to pay for) are poorly equiped and bad choices
Newer maps have lesser variations
There are way too many cheesy tactics that ruin the game and slow progression overall.

My biggest issue that the devs dont tend to change much. The like to add DLCs (Usually only $7 a pop, but also not really worth the price), the newer killers are usually lower tiered making them poor choices to play as. It’s also super easy to get cheesed as a Killer. You ever watch Tom and Jerry? Yeah you’re literally a giant killing machine chasing frail females just so they can jump thru the same window three times before finally getting away. And the ultimate game ruiner – the hatch. You get to lose an easy kill to a bad mechanic. Seriously look up on Google/Youtube all the ways people get away with using the Hatch. The Killer can stand over it (its basically a trap door that allows the last survivor to escape) and the survivor and literally stand face to face with the killer, but the killer cannot do anything about it.

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