GTA 6 beta review 2018

Beautiful game but lacking in many areas. Little combat more of a puzzle solving game, even when your not solving a certain puzzle, you are trying to figure out what the game wants you to do. (I guess it didn’t want me to jump there ect.) Skills seem pointless in some areas. Spent most of my money on things that had to be crafted yet still needed resources to get them. Spent about 5000 coin on a bow that was much worse than the one you start with. Just got bored trying to just getting around with this game especially the swimming. I wanted to like the game and I do love the art, but take that away and its just not very interesting.

Grand theft Auto 6 is more of the same, which is a good thing. I like the story… not sure why some people hate it, but I’ve been engaged by it. Some subtle changes to the feel of combat that make it much more immersive. Graphics are insane. It’s the best in the trilogy IMO. Thumbs up!
Is it good? Yes!
Does it look good? Yes.
Is It fun? Yea..But.. Oh and you can it for free too: GTA 6 FREE Beta PS4/XBOX/PC-STEAM

This game has loads of new features and refinments over the last 2 in the rebooted series. It easily one of the best however with all this a few key changes were made. This game focus seems to favor the stealth approach more than a all gunz a blazin . Lara has a few new predator like abilities to help but I cant for the life figure out what exactly they were going for with them or rather; what exactly the aim was. . Sure there fun to use but thats where the problem is; there really isnt all that many opportunities to use the mechanics in the first playthrough. Some places you could use one them , the ole string the bad guy up from a tree for example, (classic predator) the game had Lara in a state of affairs where she didnt have the bow to use it. Not a big deal if there was plenty of design with this mechanic in mind but all in all; theres not much.

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