NBA 2k19 iOS and Android Review

If 2K is to blame for the mostly negative reviews, then we are to blame for putting the game in the global top seller’s list.

The real question here is why do we continue to spend so much money on a game that’s “trash” just to write 200 words complaining about the game?

At the end of the day 2K will be wiping their tears with your money and you will be wiping your tears on your crusty controller.

If you want things to be different act different. Complaining about the game you buy every year is simply money in their pockets. Also check this if you dont want to pay for the game: nba 2k19 free download

Reason for my positive review? I mostly play this game for mycareer, myteam and mygm. Those things seem to work fine, so that’s that.

– Microtransactions
– Everything is overpriced giving people incentive to do the VC glitch.
– Mycareer
– Leave your assignment for 1 second? Lose a whole letter grade.
– Unintelligent teammates that seem like they have never touched a basketball before.
– Average more points, rebounds, steals, and blocks than Corey Harris? He will still get the MVP award. Break records in the finals? Corey Harris Finals MVP.
– MyTeam
– Difficulty is on rookie or pro? Trash players makes shots over defenders.
– Packs have trash rates = waste of VC.
– MyGM = Press (X) simulator.
– Park
– Steals are unbalanced.
– Cheesers.
– Takes 10 minutes for a game to start.
– Some courts do not work.
– Unoptimized
– Lagging on a more than capable computer.
– Face scan doesn’t work. Tried multiple times.
– Get banned for no reason. No response from 2k support yet. (been a few days)

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