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Love This Game. It is early access yes, and there are still things to do. But can you have fun with this game as is? The answer is yes, for hours and hours. Lots to learn about crafting and character management. Lots of the world to explore, different places to loot, and enemies to kill. Is this game worth the money at this point? Again, unqulaified yes. Developer is busy making regular updates and the potential of this game is amazing with the right support. Compared to other games at the same point after release in early access, this game is a peach. With the right support, this will be a really greart survival game.

I do hope the devs balance the combat a little bit. When the improvised spear is better at killing puppets then an MP5, assuming more than one mob is attacking you, there is room for improvement. But this is an early balance issue and when taken together with all the other hard work they have put into this thing, I got nothing but love for you. Thanks for the game. Although it does cost money, the best is to get free ps plus here: how to get free ps plus

I will update this review the further I progress in this game and the more I play.

First things first, I like it and it’s exactly what I expected but it is rough around the edges, The devs need to fix performance issues as soon as possible.

If you expect a game like PUBG or any other Battle Royale then look somewhere else because this is not it.
Scum is like DayZ but less zombies and more survival. What I really like about this game is that you are not forced into engaging other players or going to the best loot locations, You can craft many things yourself from backpacks to hunting weapons and clothing.

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