Fortnite PS4 & Xbox Connection Guide (Cross Play)

Fortnite is probably one of my top fav games. However, they’re seriously special when they attempted to impliment VR. They could be one of the pioneers if they would make it fully emersive and not this split screen crap. I couldn’t read the menus, everything was laggy and choppy, I had to start the game in low memory mode just to get it going. The moment I disabled VR and re-enabled… the game crashed. Fix all that and I’d play this more now that i’m going into heavy VR stuffs. They could own this market if they could get this working right.

I like the game, like the mechanics and the ability to build. Even solo, there is lots to do and updates keep things fun.¬†This is the only game you will ever need to play. I had friends. I turned them into colonists and took their lungs. I haven’t eatan since buying this game. I recommend it and also do not. If you play this game, you soul will leave you, and your family will abandon you. Now if you need to play with your friends on other platforms watch this youtube clip:¬†

Graphics are crazy good
Can interact with lots of the world
Abiltiy to level up to get better at the game
Requires one to think before acting
Lots of ability to craft to make things easier
Can do multiplayer easily and it’s fun

Graphics settings take a lot of graphics power
Some of the building in the game isn’t very intuitive
Might spawn in an area with agressive and/or high level monsters
(makes it difficult to level up or get resources)
No realy story line to it.


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