How to cross platform on fortnite and play with your friends

So, I am going to preface this by saying I love Fortnite as a series, and even so far this is easily my favorite out of the group that I have played (MHFU, MH4U, MHG). However, in its current state I cannot reccomend it to anyone who is not already an existing fan of the series, and even at that, find it hard to reccomend due to the myriad of issues that this PC port has.


Firstly, the performance is terrible. I have a AMD R9 Fury, playing on 1440p at the lowest settings I am only able to average about 40fps, for you to play 1080p high at 60fps as benchmarks have shown, a 1080ti is needed. So, while it is great that the framerate does have an option to be uncapped, you certainly are not going to be able to hit it unless they release some game changing patch.


Various settings seem to change nothing at all visually, but have drastic performance improvements, and higher quality textures appear to be bugged and not actually appearing. You cannot turn off Motion blur, bloom isn’t an option, mouse movements are being mapped as an analogue stick. Both ultrawide and FOV adjustments are missing. With being said you should watch the tutorial here: how to crossplay fortnite


Multiplayer is akward to say the least, I am going to give Capcom the benefit of the doubt and assume that the connection issues are mostly due to a large launch population. But the lobby system, unable to play quests with cutscenes with other players until after all cutscenes have been watched, makes it all very strange.


If the performance, connectivity, and customization get fixed and worthy of the “delaying launch to make it just right”, I can absolutely recommend this game to all. Until that point, I can really only say its for existing MH fans who wanted a non-portable gameplay, who do not have current-gen consoles.

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