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Firstly, here is my black ops 4 beta review:

Quests are buggy as hell (I had to edit the save multiple times in order to progress the storyline). In space there is not much to do other than clicking buttons on a map and fighting noncompetitive AIs that don’t stand a chance against human players. On foot there is not much to interact with other than looking around and avoiding machines that are simply annoying rather than threatening. Most of the combat and farming are extremely repetitive and simple, and sightseeing also becomes boring after 7 planets or so where everything just seem repeated but with different sizes. Multiplayer is terribly implemented with tons of bugs, for example freighters firing on friends and ships changing ownerships.

BO4 has too much unnecessary BS and too many bugs for a casual game, and absolutely does not qualify for a hardcore sci-fi game with the mechanics in place. I deleted this game after making 200 mil from repetitive farming, and trying to fly into a star only to find out that the star is but a background picture that can never be reached.  If you are actually interested in playing the beta too, just watch this youtube video: black ops 4 beta

The base building mechanics and the procedurally generated sights are interesting, but do not warrant the price of this game, which in its marketing seems to be a competent space game rather than a walking simulator.

A game where you play for hours and feel like you’ve accomplished nothing! Not even all these updates after two years can fix a game whose foundation was flawed and tedious. After visiting your third star system you see that the game is woefully repetative, a slog to play and leaves you with no desire to continue the grind of shooting rocks (farming) or finding more blueprints. Ugh, just thinking of doing more of it makes me apprehensive. Say NO already to this product and forget it ever existed because nothing will fix it!

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