Dead by Daylight is coming to the PS Store!

What to say about Dead by Daylight
On one hand its an exelent horror game. Nothing beats the feeling of relief when you succecfully juke the killer, and it’s fun to find a survivour who didnt expect you. Its very fun to play with friends and escape and its very satysfing to get a mercilles killer victory.
On the other hand you are going to encounter some salty players, rarely but sometimes. There will be moments when you are furtrated because a killer spent 5 minutes staring you in the face while you’re on a hook, and be mad because survivours are gen rushing.
But after all, this game is very good. I’ve had a lot of fun while playing it and i’m sure you’re gonna enjoy it. Now you will need a ps plus membership to play it, however you can get it free here: How to get FREE PS PLUS 🤑FREE PLAYSTATION PLUS!

There has been recent nerfs to survivors that hit mediocre and bad survivors(I’m one to be honest) hard. However I still pip almost every match and escape pretty often. Sometimes the killer won’t even see me the whole entire match. I won’t lie, this game can be frustrating on both sides. There will be campers and toxic jerks who tbag after pallet drop. There will be matches where you killed no one and there will be matches where all you did was hang on a hook for 3 minutes(Or get farmed). There are still improvements to be done and the community won’t all agree on what those improvements should be. Despite that I think this a great game where you can outplay the opponent or make a big play that just sends a rush of adrenaline through you. I’ll see you in the Fog(Where I’ll  about you not doing gens).

Incredibly fun to play either solo or with mates….. preferably, as with any game, you would want to play with mates. However if you dont have many mates on PC then this game is fun to play on your own.

Only issue is the toxicity. A lot of people cant take a loss or a death so they will shift blame or blame lag… This aspect isnt very fun but when you join a game with nice teammates who can work well and a killer that doesnt ruin the game by camping the people he hooks, then this game is highly addictive and very fun to play.

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