My Jurassic World the Game Review so Far

I’m about 16 hours into the game since EA release, and it is easily the best executed survival game on the market to date. The EA tag is warranted, and there are bugs, sometimes mildly annoying, but you are playing a true EA game. The implementation of the UI, progression features and overall quality of the game is exceptionally good, and even though it is clear there are many elements to improve, it is also clear that the design is top quality and any improvements will only make the game even better. Here is how you can actually get some free resources: Jurassic World The Game Hack & Cheats – Free DNA, Food, Coins, and Cash Android & IOS 2018

This is a PvP survival game where 3 factions vie for power and control. Your mission is to progress your faction through a season, while stopping the other factions from succeeding. It is a highly compelling game model and the game world is beautiful and interesting. I can see this game becoming something truly outstanding in the genre.

There are some tweaks needed to progression speed on the official servers, but I am sure that is coming.

Overall, if you like survival, full loot PvP games in amazing worlds with awesome crafting and deep skill trees, this is the game for you.

Highly recommended.

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