Dragon Ball Legends Review

Hmmm where to begin?
Firstly, this is just my opinion, not fact, not ghospel…just a guy with about 8-10 hours clocked ingame.
Secondly, yes… I recomend this game but with a few criticisms.

If I had to sum this game up with a single word it would be: “Potential”.
This game in it’s current state has a ton of potential – maybe more-so than playablility at this point and has been a slightly disapointing experience. However this is week 1 of an early access game.
The hype behind DB legends was largly in part due to trailer footage and the hype from those whov’e seen it / word of mouth…not so much promises made to us by developers etc, so theres no pitchfork beside my computer desk on this one.

The game looks nice, with a bright, vibrant world and amazing design characteristics, enticing players to explore.
Creatures are unique and player models looks pretty cool also.
This game has a very World of Warfract vibe to it…I’ve head people describe DB as “Ark meets WoW” and they arent far off. Oh and watch this youtube clip for free crono crystals: dragon ball legends free chrono crystals

As far as graphics go, DB legends still needs a bunch of optimisation…with terrain suffering from render popping and other minor issues.
The Ui is without a doubt hideous…perhaps one of the worst Iv’e seen in an Early access survival genre, with much of your characters progress and development not clearly indicated.

The game is VERY grindy, maybe even too much so (imo) however as stated at the start of this review, it has potential.
This is a 20/20/20 co-op experince but many suffer from interteam squabbling and griefing.

Anywho, I’ll continue playing for now – despite having gone past the 2 hour mark for refund eligibility, I would still not refund this game as it is clear how much hard work and passion has gone into Dragon Ball Legends to this point and I belive the dev team will only improve upon it in the near future.

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